Secret Santa's Workshop

through Penguin Patch

Due to Covid, we are unable to have our usual Secret Santa Workshop on campus but we DO get to still have one! We are teaming up with Penguin Patch to do a Secret Santa Workshop in November/December 2021! There are over 100 gift choices ranging from $0.50 - $12 each. The gift items offered are Kid Tested Mom Approved! It is a fun and unique way to empower your children with generosity, and our school benefits from every purchase!


Please plan a time to log in with your child and let them choose gifts for all your loved ones! All gifts will be shipped with wrapping supplies straight to your home for a small flat fee. They will arrive in a festive "Special Delivery" bubble envelope that your child will be delighted to receive!


When you open your gift from your child, ask them why they picked that gift for you. It will be a memory that will last a lifetime!


Happy Holidays!